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“I am not that... Can I come in?”

LET THE RIGHT ONE IN – LOST Theatre, 28th – 31st October, 2015.

Oskar is a lonely, bullied teenage boy living with his mother when a spate of sinister killings rocks the neighbourhood.

Eli is the teenage girl next door who just moved in. She doesn’t go to school, and never leaves the flat during the day.

The two become devoted friends. But Eli has a secret, and she is not all that she appears to be...

This Halloween, LOST Theatre presents Let The Right One In – a dark and visceral coming-of-age supernatural love story. Based on the acclaimed Swedish novel by John Ajvide Lindqvist, writer Jack Thorne (Skins, The Fades) adapts this modern, cult horror classic for the stage.

Returning to London for the first time since its West End run, Let The Right One In will chill and thrill you this Halloween.

+15 (contains strong language, mature themes, violence and bloody violence).

Casting Breakdown for Let The Right One In.

The Teenagers (auditions on Wednesday 2nd September, 7pm-10pm):

OSKAR: a bullied, insecure, withdrawn teenage schoolboy from a broken home who befriends Eli, the strange girl next door... (MALE, looks around 14/15 years old).

JONNY: a teenage schoolboy/schoolgirl that bullies Oskar, and is part of a gang with Micke (MALE or FEMALE, looks around 14/15 years old).


The Adults (Auditions on Tuesday 1st September, 6pm-10pm):

(Please note, some roles below marked with * will be subject to potential doubling or tripling in the final casting)

HAKAN: a sinister, withdrawn, strange, unworldly figure who appears to be the father of Eli; strong, ruthless and creepy (MALE, 40’s).

POLICE COMMISIONER HALMBERG*: An under-pressure head of department, in the glare of the country’s media due to the police’s failure to capture an apparently serial killer in the area. Occasionally insensitive due to the pressures felt (MALE or FEMALE, 40’s).

MR AVILA*: the Physical Education teacher of Oskar, Jonny and Micke and the closest Oskar comes to having a father figure, sympathetic, authoritative and strong (MALE, 50’s).

YVONNE (Oskar’s Mother): an overworked, stressed, temperamental, alcoholic single parent trying to provide for Oskar, but consciously not aware of her teenage sons’ troubles (FEMALE, 40’s).

ERIK (Oskar’s Father): also a heavy drinker and draughts-lover. Has little active interest in his teenage son, his life or his troubles. Erik has very little regular contact with Oskar and has moved on with his life with a new partner (MALE, 40’s).

JANNE*: Erik’s new partner, resents Oskar in Erik’s life and bullies him away from his Father (MALE or FEMALE, late 20’s - early 30’s).

KURT*: the local sweetshop owner – large build, kindly, his shop represents a safe haven for Oskar (MALE, 30’s).

NILS*: a hospital receptionist who becomes involved with “the killer” and police enquiries (MALE or FEMALE).

TORKEL*: a local drunk who gets brutally murdered by “the killer” (MALE or FEMALE).

JOCKE*: another local murdered; sympathetic, kind, rewarded for his naivety with a brutal slaying (MALE or FEMALE).

STEFAN*: An official who encounters Oskar (MALE or FEMALE).

All auditions will take place at LOST Theatre. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a headshot, CV or, if applicable, a Spotlight/Casting Call Pro link, marking the email FAO: Jack Bowman, Let The Right One IN Casting.

Please note this is a physically-demanding, technical and FX-heavy production - so strength, sharpness and a lack of squeamishness is absolutely required. If you don’t like the sight of blood, don’t apply to be involved!



The release the rights to LOST Theatre on an amateur-basis only (given the LOST Theatre’s close proximity to the West End). Therefore, this production is to be officially classed as an amateur production and cannot pay anyone involved. The team feel it is only fair to make sure this is clear before anyone commits to the audition process. We will, however, always be flexible for working/performing schedules outside of this project, however we also understand if anyone would not wish to commit to a project on this basis.



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