Friends of LOST 

Nicholas Dawkes – photographer
Nicholas has been LOST's company photographer for the last 2 years. Doing excellent work on all publicity, design & artwork as well as using our gallery space to exhibit his other work. LOST highly reccomends him to any actor, actress or company looking for a top class photographer.

The Wireless Theatre Company
The Wireless Theatre Company is designed to nurture and encourage fresh new writers, up and coming acting talent and bring audio theatre to the "iPod generation". All our original downloads are written, cast, directed, produced and edited by our enthusiastic and talented team and although we are based in central London, our writers are from all over the world.

During our successful first two and a half years we have recorded over seventy-five original audio productions, published Wireless Monologues - a book of new speeches for actors and actresses, launched our Wireless Theatre In Education programme, worked with over one hundred new actors, ten new directors, four producers and eight new editors. We have also launched Wireless Theatre LIVE performing live recordings in front of a studio audience every few months, and our new sister site creating plays for kids is coming soon!

Off West End theatres play a very important role in London and in society as a whole - important on stage in taking risks to push the boundaries of live performance, important for the audience in entertaining the intellect and stretching the imagination and, most of all, important as a breeding ground for new talent and new ideas that feed into our culture, reinventing and reinvigorating us. puts as much information about its theatres and their performances as possible together in one easy-to-use place. As our hope is to allow all members to promote themselves and their plays equally, there are no costs to any of the theatres to appear on the website. They also do not pay any fees or commissions for ticket sales so the theatres are able to sell tickets directly to customers. What's more, customers have free use of the site, paying nothing for tickets or usage. We think that's a pretty good deal for everybody!

London Theatre Tickets

We aim to provide you the customer with a wide selection of tickets at fair prices. Our booking links take you to a supplier that has been established for many years and are also a member of The Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers.



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