The LOST Theatre's Art Gallery, a fantastic space where we hope to host an exciting mix of artists & photographers.

David Taborn (Current artist in residence)

Looking at David Taborn’s work is always fun. This is not for a lack of seriousness on the artist’s part. But that we should feel such enjoyment in observing his works, and that this enjoyment should seem unusual, perhaps even uncomfortable, does say something about the way art today is supposed to display its seriousness. Visual pleasure, vivid colour, robust, energetic, sumptuous and demotic forms – such experiences are often thought of as trivial or superficial, as somehow ‘merely’ a question of individual gratification or self-indulgence, when there are more sober and pressing matters in the world that art should attempt to address. Click here to read more

Biographical Details:

NESTA Fellow (2003-6), former Fellow in Fine Art at Nottingham University and Established Artist Fellow at UrbanGlass, New York (2006, with support from the Arts Council and British Council).

Solo exhibitions include Robert Lehman Gallery, New York (2008), Galerie Kusseneers, Antwerp (2005), Air Gallery, London (2000), Galeria Casa da Imogem, Curitiba, Brazil (1998), Factual Nonsense, London (1994) and the Grob Gallery, London, Nottingham University, Dormagen Kulturhaus, Germany & Factual Nonsense, London (touring solo retrospective, 1992). In the 1990s he participated in numerous exhibitions (solo and group) at Joshua Compston's Factual Nonsense Gallery, which was named after his painting "Factual Nonsense", including Compston's "Fete Worse Than Death". He has collaborated with the composer Nigel Osborne (Southbank Centre) and Ballet Rambert (Arnolfini, Bristol).

His work is held in collections including the Government Art Collection, Courtauld Institute, Simmons & Simmons, Nottingham University, Warwick Arts Trust and NESTA.

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This exhibition will be open to public viewing between 1pm and 3pm Mon to Fri as well as from 1 hour before each performance in the venue. 

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