Casting for the revival of David Hare's Play about a band, TEETH n' SMILES at the LOST Theatre (soon to be the Stockwell Playhouse)


Casting breakdown


ARTHUR - 26 year old song writer to the Band and long suffering ex partner to the alcoholic and shambolic lead singer. Needs to be able to play Guitar or Piano . This Role requires a singer.


INCH - 20-25 Anarchic roadie to the band


LAURA - 20-25 Road Manager and PR to the Band. Currently in a relationship with ARTHUR.


WILSON - 18- 25 Well meaning young cockney lad. Role requires a Saxophone or Rhythm Guitarist.


NASH - 20-25 Perpetually stoned/mild mannered Drummer. Roles requires a Drummer.


PEYOTE - 20-30 Drug addicted narcissist without scruples. A bassist heading for an early grave. Role requires a Bassist.


SNEAD - 45 Cambridge Porter - The 'Butler' or runner to the Band laid on by the university. A starchy conservative and relic of the 'service industry' of yester year. Snobby yet subservient.


SMEGS - 20-25 The quiet and retiring lead Guitarist. Role Requires a Guitarist.


ANSON - 19 Short, sheltered and studious Student tenaciously perusing MAGGIE for an interview for the University paper. Intrigued by the world of Rock n' Roll and desperate to escape the Cambridge bubble.


SARAFFIAN - 50-60 dysfunctional paternal figure and ruthless business man. A ghost of the music industry of the 50's & 60's. A suave and straight talking Svengali with the Management style of Bernard Rhoades and Malcolm McLaren, all with the slickness and composure of Brian Epstein.


RANDOLPH - 35 Real name Tony. An Aging ex-Drummer and old friend of SARAFIAN who's been repackaged to front the band post MAGGIE. Role requires a Singer
MAGGIE - 26 Her love affair with Johnnie Walker Whisky and her own ego has made her role as the bands front women untenable. Routinely bathed in cold water to bring her to she foresees the end of her 'minor cult'. Embittered by the demise of her relationship with ARTHUR. Her world is slowly falling apart. Role requires a Singer. Role may require some nudity.

Performing Wed 17th - Thurs 21st May
Rehearsing from the Monday 24th of April (3 weeks)


Teeth 'n' Smiles by David Hare


"Right, let's smash up the place." It is 1979 and the band has just arrived at Jesus College, Cambridge to play the May ball. Lead singer Maggie is having an intimate affair with Johnny Walker, Peyote is off his head on several illegal substances and the other band members are hanging around, their inertia so extreme that nobody can be bothered to change a plug so they can play the first set.

This is the setting for David Hare’s 1975 play about the end of idealism and the result of utopianism turning sour. About what happens when people reach the stage when they will do anything for an experience, and having enjoyed the vitality of it, they then become addicted to it.



LOST Theatre is a charity committed to promoting and developing theatrical talent. The Company is based in a state-of-the-art building on Wandsworth Road in Stockwell. It boasts a 181-seat, fully equipped auditorium, rehearsal rooms, dressing rooms, workshop, box office, bar and gallery.

The LOST Theatre Company produce between three to six productions each year. These seasons are designed to give emerging performers the opportunity to receive an excellent showcase in comfortable surroundings with decent resources.



LOST Theatre is an unfunded charity formed to provide spring-board opportunities for emerging creatives. There are huge overhead expenses involved in putting on a production of this scale in a building such as LOST. This production is being put on under amateur rights which mean we are unable to pay any performers though travel expenses will be covered.
There will always be a small amount of flexibility regarding dates and commitment during rehearsals. However, full commitment to all four shows during the performance week is a requirement.



Auditions will be held at LOST Theatre in Studio 1 on WED 5th April (6-10pm), FRI 7th April (6pm-10pm), and SAT 8th April (10am-6pm). Recalls will take place in the following week subject to availability.

Please prepare a short modern monologue. Sides will be emailed out prior to your audition slot. You may be given an additional extract to read on the day. We are happy for musicians auditioning to either email footage of themselves playing or bring their own instruments to audition acoustically on the day.


For audition slots or further information please email a C.V and head shot to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
or call 0207 622 9208


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